Improve Towing Performance

There’s nothing like the freedom that comes from an open road.

Towing a trailer doesn’t mean simply driving off into the sunset. There are some important safety and performance issues to consider, whether you tow an elaborate fifth wheel RV or a hitched travel trailer.

Poor fuel efficiency, the strain on your tow vehicle, instability on the highway and wind drag on your trailer can sometimes become significant problems for the RV enthusiast. 


DEFLECT these problems easily and affordably with a performance-enhancing, aerodynamic AeroShield Wind Deflector!


Developed, designed, manufactured and distributed by Icon Technologies for over a decade, the AeroShield Wind Deflector has been proven to:

  • increase fuel economy
  • increase tow vehicle performance
  • ensure better handling and stability
  • ease stress on the tow vehicle’s power train
  • reduce wind drag & increase highway speed
  • reduce debris and bugs on your trailer

The aerodynamic structure of the AeroShield Wind Deflector allows for wind to flow over your tow vehicle and then UP and OVER your trailer, substantially reducing the wind drag that happens when a trailer is taller than its tow vehicle. Without one, you’ll find that towing a trailer considerably slows your highway speed, increases your fuel consumption and inhibits your vehicle’s performance. With one, all these problems are significantly reduced.

The genius of this product is in its simplicity. Streamlined and modern looking, with adjustable angles, the AeroShield Wind Deflector comes in white or black and can even be painted. It is shipped already assembled and installation is quick and straightforward; without any drilling! It couldn’t be easier – try it for yourself and see the difference it can make.

If you want to increase the power of your tow vehicle, don’t spend valuable time and money tweaking expensive engine parts, installing turbo engines or modified computer chips! Install the effective, affordable and aerodynamic AeroShield Wind Deflector and watch your fuel economy increase up to 3 miles per gallon!

With models to fit ALL standard vehicles and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, there’s no reason to wait another day to optimize your RV experience!

Join the thousands of satisfied customers who have purchased the AeroShield Wind Deflector and effortlessly solved their wind drag problems. Make your RV easier to pull and feel more stable on the road, while also saving on fuel costs – order yours today!